Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New look at old cameras!

Twin lens reflex

I  was using this camera for many years.It was a delight to use. I liked the large format and accuracy of photographs.

My relative was using this camera.At that time people  were giving respect to the photographer depending on the size of the camera.Bigger the camera size, more respect!

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Photography news letter-6

welcome to my news letter after a long gap.

1]  Tips for photographing water drop on leaves.

  • select a plant which will not absorb water readily .
  • Put some water and watch for the size of the droplet. This process will have to be done to get the best size of the droplet.
  • look at the position of it and adjust the  camera position.
  • adjust the zoom level suitably to give prominence to the drop.
  • select the leaf in such a way as to give the natural lighting, a glittering effect on the drop.
  • click several photos from different positions and by varying the settings.
  • edit the photos if required.
  • Multiple droplets also are appealing , as shown below.

2]   News about latest digital cameras.

  • Engineers unlock remarkable 3-D vision from ordinary digital camera technology

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  • Construction approved for world's most powerful digital camera that is 3.2 giga pixel!

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Teacher's day and lord Krishna's birth day- what a coincidence!

Teacher’s  day and Lord Krishna’s birth day- what a coincidence!
As we all know, Dr.S. Radhakrishna’s birthday  will be celebrated as Teacher’s day. This year, it has coincided with Lord krishna’s birth day. The real Radhakrishna’s birthday is coinciding with Dr.S radahakrisnas’s birthday!

Actually, Lord Krishna is considered as the best teacher of all times, as he gave  real teaching required for life, in the form of Bhagavadgeetha! What a coincidence today.

Evening photo in a park

The above photo was taken at a park near my house. It was in the evening. The light and colours are correct for plants and flowers but sky is over exposed.
The beauty is the curved  walking path! It makes the eye of the observer to move along the path and hence make him to look at the photo for a long time and enjoy.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Trick photo of a flower

I took this photo with a flash light at very close distance! that has resulted in a fine lining of light reflection around the flower.
For getting such an effect,
1] ambient light should be very less- so i took this at 6-30 PM.
2] flash should be in forced mode not in auto mode.
3] set the camera to macro mode.
4] take it at close distance rather than zooming and taking from long distance.

Please try. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Photography news letter-5

This time also, I am posting latest camera news links.

1] Olympus OM D E mirror less camera.


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2]Camera wit 3.2 giga pixels!

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travel photography in my next news letter.