Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tips for Photographing marbles- part-3

The above photo is showing a single marble, placed in such a way as to get reflections of the window panes. At the same time,marble is acting like a lens and we are seeing the focused image of the window on the ground!
Also,the photographer has selected a special marble and positioned  it  in such a way that all of use fell that" THERE IS SOME WOMEN DANCING INSIDE A GLASS BALL!".
That is creativity.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Creative photography at the beach!

All of us had taken hundreds of photographs at the beach. But there is no end to creativity.
Look at these photos. All are from 

These are called as rain stones. Look at the way in which these stones are arranged beautifully.The collection of different colours, types, sizes and so on. Notice the one that is almost transparent, placed at the center.

The next photo illustrates " hands on sand". Such a simple idea but so much appealing. It requires intelligence also.

Next photo was done I think obviously at the beginning of  the year 2015 , symbolically erasing 2014 .

A beautiful rainbow at the beach!

Arranging shells on sand in a good way!

Stone heap arranged. Stones of different colours and gradually decreasing sizes from bottom  to top.

 Finally, a beautiful sunset at the beach!

Pictures credit: All the above pictures are from

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Photography tip-unique camera angle

I took the above photo in pine forest of kodaikanal. This is the normal direction of the camera.So , it is not appearing  special.

 look at the photo below.
It is same location but the camera is facing upwards and positioned to touch a tree.look at the appealing effect of this photo. By selecting such unique angle of the camera, we can get superb results.