Sunday, August 16, 2015

Photogrphy news letter -4

In this news letter, I am posting only about latest camera news.

1]Here’s your $7,500 golden camera! From Cannon

For more on this, click the link:

2]AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.8G ED prime lens form Nikkon

Nikon unveils AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.8G ED prime lens
The news source is from www.digitalcameraworld. 

 3] Most popular lenses of Digital Camera World readers

1] Nikon 70-200mm f/4
Nikon70-200mm f/2.8

2] Canon  70-200mm f/2.8

3. Canon EF 16-35mm f4 L IS USM

For more news, click the link below.

4] Fuji film X-T 10 review

Remaining topics like travel photography are in my next news letter. Thank you.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Photography news letter-3

Thank you very much for your response  on my second news letter, which has nearly 1200 views and many good comments.

This is my 3rd news letter on photography.
In this letter, I am writing:

1]How I clicked this photo?- explanation 
2] Latest camera news
3] Travel photography part-3
 read and enjoy. 
I request you to please give your comments.

1]How I clicked this photo?- explanation 

The above rose was from my pot. look at the superb method of capturing it with the  following particulars 

  • Focal length = 5 mm that is 50 mm in film camera standard.- This was to get closeup photo.
  • Aperture was at F 6.4, to get good depth of field so as to make the whole  flower  in focus.
  • Time of exposure was 1/60 seconds to avoid hand vibrations.
  • Flash was not used to get the complete  natural lighting effect.
  • It was underexposed to make the back ground almost black, and then edited  to make it totally black.
  • Believe it! it was clicked at 11 AM.
Notice the shining in the big droplet.Also, the shades between folding petals. these factors make the whole photo appealing. The angle of lighting and the angle of the camera are selected to get the desired effect.
If you want to clearly understand about the above particulars, then buy my e-book on 
" fundamentals of Photography" by clicking the following link.It is only $5


2] Latest camera news:
Infrared camera from Fuji film

3] Travel photography-part 3 with photos.

Beach photography:    I have posted some photos clicked with my camera below.

Before that, you have to book a good hotel for food and stay and a good transportation  for enjoying the tour. Please click the link below to get all the above with best prices:

Basic rules of beach photography:

  • We have to give proper %  areas of beach sand, sea, sky and so on as shown in the following photos.

  • Capturing only beach will not be appealing always, as you can see in the photo below.

  • The photo below illustrates that nearly 50%  land and  remaining portion of  water will be good.

    If you want to take only water, then there must be appealing things like as shown below.

    Including sky, land and water  at almost equal proportions will be more appealing, as shown below.

    Some times, there will be  mountain at the other end, as shown below, but this was a river and not a beach. in this, we can see  little land, water, mountain and sky!

    The appealing land and water about 25% each with remaining sky is shown in the photo below.

     I captured 10% sky, 10% water and remaining  portion with wet beach sand pattern shown in the photo below.

    Finally , a small video  from my camera.

    Thank you for reading.  please give your comments.

    Sunday, August 2, 2015

    Photography News letter-2

    In this news letter,  I have written about:
    • ·         Latest camera news
    • ·         How I clicked this photo?- description
    • ·         A photo topic- travel photography part-2
    • ·         Some good photos from my camera

    I am humbly requesting readers to   use the space provided for comments, to criticize, advice, add anything as opinion, guide me and suggest the contents of next news letter and anything else you want.

    1] latest camera news:
    cannon's new camera can almost see in dark!
    News source link:
    2] How I clicked this photo?:

    The  particulars  of exposure are give below:

    •  The aperture was kept at F-3.1., large aperture to capture maximum light
    •  Focal length was 5 mm, that is 50 mm for 50 mm equivalent lens of film camera
    • Time of exposure was  – 1/30 sec,  quite long exposure for hand held position, to get more light
    • Multi pattern metering was used for measuring light.
    •  Flash was not used, to emphasize electric lamps.
    • it was taken at about 7.30 PM , that is, night photography.
    If you want to clearly understand about the above particulars, then buy my e-book on " fundamentals of Photography" by clicking the following link:


    3]Travel photography part-2

    Selecting  a place or places to travel:

    For every place in the world, there  will be ‘ a good season’ in a year. So, we have to know in advance, the topography and weather cycle of the places that we want to go.
    As an example, in India, one of the best tourist place called Goa, will be less appealing during rainy season during the months of July, August and September, where as the best month will be January. But remember, some travelers like rainy season!
    Remember, it is also important  to book good hotels,a good vehicle to enjoy the trip. So, you please look at the link below to get everything at very economical rate.
    click the link below

    Some exceptional places like Kodaikanal, is good in all the seasons of the year! I had been to this place in July and enjoyed Sunlight, rain, clouds, clear sky in the same day! Here, weather changes within few minutes because of 4500 feet height of the place from the sea level.
    I used my mid range Fuji camera S 1800, which is having
    ·         18 X zoom, so that I can take big monument to small bird,
    ·         Macro 2 stage so that I can focus from 2 mm to infinity, taking pictures of ant to mountain,
    ·         Hand vibration compensation, so that I can hold it even at 1/20 seconds time of exposure
    ·         Small built in flash to  expose close up  objects in dark
    ·         Auto focus and one touch zoom and many more.
    In my next letter, I will tell you more about travel photography, but in the next section here, you can see some good pictures of Kodaikanal, taken from my above mentioned camera.

    4]Some good photos from my camera
    This was at 6 PM

    At about & AM

    Superb view point

    Pillar rocks

    View of the Lake

    In my next news letter, more about travel photography.