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One on one photography coaching free with my e-book!

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Introduction to " fundamentals of Photography"  e-book

A manual will be there for using simple things like a hand wash liquid, and most of us will read, understand procedure, and use it.
 But most of us are having good cameras, manuals but never tried to understand the controls of it. It is very easy to understand and it takes one or two days! So, here are some guidance.

The above photo will give some idea of important controls, which will be there in most of the cameras.

The above photo gives you an idea of control knob, reference mark and different modes. It is set to programmed mode.

The above photo shows the knob set to Automatic mode.

The above picture shows the knob adjusted to Manual mode. this mode gives full control of the camera, to the photographer.
This photo shows that the display screen gives the details of the position of the knob. It is indicating that the knob is set for Manual mode. This display will be shown for 5 seconds and then the screen shows the frame to be photographed.

To know all these things, I have written a simple book on Fundamentals of photography. The cover page photo is given below.

It is just $5, but having detailed illustrations with photos. You can learn complete control of the camera and basics of photography in about 2 to 3 days. So,  click the link below to buy:


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King’s new law and its consequence- story- part 1

There lived a King who was caring for his countrymen. People were very happy and co-operative with the king and his administration. King was always thinking of making people comfortable and happy.
After some years, thieves started their act of stealing gold and other ornaments. This created worry and tension among people. They were unable to concentrate on their daily work. Many people complained this to the king.
King started thinking about this problem. 
He thought 

"It takes some time to catch hold of thieves and so, there must be a short time solution".
He announced a new law. 
The law was like this: 
"All the people of his kingdom should register their gold and other ornaments with the ministry of the king. Then the valuation of each ornament will be done by experts. If there is stolen, the amount equivalent to the lost ornament will be given to the loser, on confirmation of the theft".
People happily registered everything that the rule permitted. Those ornaments were valued and the records were given to the people. King's office kept a copy of the records.
People were very much satisfied with the correct and impartial valuations of their ornaments .Their worry was no longer there. Again they started doing their work with enthusiasm. They were all happy and so, the King was also happy.
 After 4 days, the first incidence of theft happened. The person who lost the ornaments complained to the king and gave all the details. King's Servants came and searched the whole house; this was a part of the procedure. Then it was confirmed that the ornament is missing. 
Then the owner of the ornament signed a declaration stating like this: "To the best of my knowledge, the ornament is not with any of my relatives and friends. Also, if found in such places, I will pay 10 times the value of the ornament to the King"
After the detailed investigations, money was released to the loser. He was extremely happy. Others were also happy on hearing this because, after the release of fund to the loser, they were very sure of getting the money for a loss like that.
Gradually, after about two months, the incidences of theft started increasing. 
After three months, theft increased to three folds, compared that before the implementation of the rule!
King began to worry but people never worried because they were actually not losing almost anything!
King called a few top level ministered and discussed this. Then they decided to travel through the kingdom one night and one day, but in disguise.
Accordingly, the king and two ministers went round the kingdom in one night. To their surprise, they noticed that in some houses, main doors were kept open! They also noticed that some boxes of ornaments were kept near the open window. This never seemed to them as carelessness. They suspected that it has been done with a purpose. But the king and ministers were unable to guess the secret behind this act of the people.
Next time, they went round kingdom during the day, again in disguise. They had noted down the houses in which doors were kept open and the houses in which boxes containing  the  ornaments were kept near open window. They went to one such house and inquired about it. 
Then the owner of the house said (to the king who had dressed himself as a stranger) 
“Our king is good but he is not intelligent. He made a rule of giving money for lost ornaments. So, we want our ornaments to be stolen!”

King: “But what benefit will you get out of it?”

Owner: “Thief will steal our ornaments. King will give back our money. Then the thief will give 50% of the money of the ornament to us. So, we are making a profit in this process”

King: “What is the advantage for the thief? Why should he give 50% of the value back? After all, thieves are thieves. How can you believe them?”

Owner: “If he stops giving that, we will close our doors; then it will be very difficult for him to steal anything. So, they give. Also, thieves in our kingdom are honest, my neighbor got money 5 days back”.

King and ministers came back. They felt that it was a big puzzle for them to solve. King called the ministers again for a meeting.

Guess the next part of the story! What will the king do?

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

learning photography made easy

follow the ppt below

Types of photography- part 4-Architecture and monument photography.

If  you have not read my previous  photography blogs in this series, here are the links. Part1


Architecture  and monument photography.

 Architecture  and monument are the most attractive and will be having historical value.So, taking photos of monuments will be from the beauty point of view and also from historic point of view.
 Architecture  and monument are static and it will be very easy to take the photo from any angle. But there are other difficulties
1] direction of the sunlight: plays a very important role. The same monument  will appear differently at different times of the day, because of the direction of the sunlight.

 Look at the  two photographs below.It is of the same monument,but taken at different times of the day and at slightly different camera angle. But the photos are appearing in a totally different way!

2]  sky background-

For most of the  Architecture  and monument  like the photos shown above, it will be the sky background that will make it more appealing. But we have almost no control about the clouds and 
3] Size of monuments;-

In most of the places, we cannot capture the full size of the monument became of the local space constraint.
4] Rule of the place ;-

In some places, we will not be allowed to take the photos of some historic monuments.The above one was not having any restriction and so, I  captured it.
There are many techniques for this. So, please see the video link:

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Types of photography-part 3- Event photography

If  you have not read my part-1 and part 2 photography blogs, here are the links. Part1

Part-3 Event photography
I have arranged these pics from

Event photography is very important to remember and recollect the events.
 In fact, for many big events like marriage, there will be event management team, which will take care of photography also, because the persons who are organizing the function will be busy and cannot think of involving photography. Of late, event management is gaining popularity.The event management team will bring good equipment, skilled persons. It is a good idea but a bit costly.

But for small events like birthday, it is better that we have to take photographs. Most of these photographers will simply take photos without any perfection and only for recording purpose.

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photography .
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Monday, June 22, 2015

Types of photography-part 2- Macrophotography

Please read my first part of this series  before starting part-2

part-2- Macro photography.

With the digital camera, we will be having macro photography, 
referring  to close up photography. These are used to take 
pictures of small objects, tiny flowers and so on.
Most of the cameras are having this setting. It is indicated by a
 flower symbol.
Here  are some example photos, taken by me using macro setting.
Rose is always rose!


This is also good looking flower!

This is a competitor to rose!

In some cameras, extreme  macro setting will be there. With this, we can get almost focus up to 5 mm!
If you are interested in above topic or any topic in photography, read this:
I am 
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Types of photography-part1-Micro photography

         I will be  writing about many types of photography, starting from this post.
   1] Micro photography:

This is now becoming popular, with CCD screen coupled microscopes. Gone are the days when we used to look through the microscope lens by straining our eyes and writing the diagram of the image that we saw.
 Then came an attachment in microscope, in the film era where we used to have big attachment to fix the SLR camera directly to microscope.
But in digital era, the new microscopes are fitted with CCD to directly store the images.
I will be offering one-on-one coaching on photography and if you are interested to learn photography and to know more details, please mail me to:

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Yoga day

This animation in which 4 men form "YOGA" letters is my contribution to international yoga day!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Learn photography online one-on-one

Learn  basics of photography online
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best weight loss method for diabetics explained.

Most debated topic of today is "how to lose weight in a safe, easy and quick way"
There are many wrong concepts also.  That too for persons having diabetes, who cannot skip food, it will be more confusing.
But one of the good book with lot of details is

"weight loss for type 1 Diabetes "
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tips for CAT Photography

Art of Pet Photography is mainly dominated by CAT photos! Cat photos outnumber dog photos or any other pet animal photos. In view of this, I am writing a post on Tips on CAT photography.
All the photos in this post are clicked by me.It was a street Cat and not mine.

Cat normally likes milk. so, first thing that you have to do is give some milk. I did that and cat drank it all. It stayed there, looking at me, expecting some more milk.
cat is thinking " how long should I wait to get some more milk"
It is at this stage that you can take some photos!
If you are a singer and if your cat can understand,
 then here is a poem for you. Put some milk
 in a Plate  or big cup and sing like 
this and click some photos.
Pet cat pet cat drink drink drink.
Pose cat pose cat do not blink
Sit cat sit cat Look Look Look
Smile cat smile cat click Click click!
CAT is asking:"Give me one more cup of milk please"

It is having some period of time of waiting. Then it will go 
away. So, you have to give some more milk and take some more photos at different angles, even when it is drinking milk.
Cat portraiture

Then comes the next stage of full stomach and cat wants to
 have a nap.
This is also an opportunity for you to take sleeping cat in 
sitting posture.
semi sleep

Deep sleep
Some times, cat will open one eye, to see what is happening around, as the cat  will be having fear about dogs.
One eye look!

One of the important thing is the eyes of cat. That is why we have the famous phrase CAT EYES.

So, give importance to eyes.

Also, take a photo of the red nose.
Red nose

Best thing is to buy a good camera, having manual settings, so that you  can get full control.You can say that you can mange with your good mobile camera, but many of the following adjustments 
will not be there in mobile can take photos 
and show it to friends but it will not be professional and
 technically perfect photo.
  • Do not put flash when the cat is very near to the camera,
       when the cat is directly looking at the camera.
  • Set the shutter speed to 1/125 second because the cat 
       may move and you get a blurred image.
  • Set the aperture to about F8, and adjust ISO, if required,
       to get correct exposure.

If you want to know the basics of photography, starting from
the basic question of "which type of camera to buy", then: 
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Saturday, June 13, 2015

work and distraction

Look at this video, which i took at a place near  my city-Bangalore, India. Monkey is trying to eat rice but it is turning all around with the fear that some other monkey  will come and share it or some person will come and chase it out from there.  Because of the fear, it  was unable to eat it happily.

Similarly, when we are distracted from our work by some such factors, we cannot work properly.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Good morning

Are we bloggers or beggars?

Yes. Many times I feel like that. Look at the photo below.

I have compiled many pics from to get the above photo.

 Many of us will write the blog for making money. In that process, we will write something, and then send it to social media. We request People to view it, like it and comment on it! All these are to get some money from PPC(pay per click) websites.
Most of the best PPC websites are giving about $0.35 for every 1000 views.
This type of payment also will have some riders and percentage cuts in it. For achieving this, we will be troubling many friends and followers in twitter,facebook,google+, Pinterest, emails and many other social media and methods.
When we try to think in this direction, our mind will make us to read Posts in the internet like "How I made $200 in one day by blogging?"Again our direction will change. Of course, some of the bloggers have made money, maybe because of their talent or luck or opportunity, which will not be suitable for most of us.
I want to end this post by a small story, which I have coined for this post.

A man ,30 yrs of age, called many of his friends to tell the secret of making money. He showed a gold coin.He said "I have practiced looking at the ground while walking. I got this coin in a span of one week. So, if you are going to follow this method of walking, for 10 years, which means 52X10=520 weeks, you are likely to get  about 520 gold coins or some similar things which are valuable. Start from today itself, while walking back to your homes".

Most of them started, some of them got some simple currency notes. Others thought that they will get it someday. Many  of them dashed against other walkers,  some narrowly escaped  moving vehicles.
After a month all of them discontinued it, including the man who started it, and only one man continued it till the age of 70years!
That one man called all the old friends and disclosed his "earnings"
He had earned to two gold coins, several lower denomination currency notes and coins, thousands of nails, Pins and a permanently bent back bone! He told that it is not worth doing it.
What I now feel is that we should write the blog for passion and to give our viewpoint to the general public. Of course,  if we  get some money, we have to consider it as a bonus.
With this Kind of approach, we will not be disappointed.

What is your opinion?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Husband or wife -who is better?

Husband Praveen and wife Asha were always quarreling for something or the other.

I arranged this picture  by combination of pics   from open source

Each one was almost competing with the other, in almost all matters. Food preparation was also a problem. Sometimes, both of them were preparing separate food.
One day, there was a quarrel regarding making a cup of coffee. They decided to call their neighbor, who knew them very well, to give a judgment about giving judgment declaring one of them as better coffee maker than the other. He was a retired professor. He was given a time on a Sunday morning. 
Both husband and wife got ready early in the morning and called the professor. Professor came and both of them started making coffee on separate vessels. They offered the coffee to professor. He poured a little coffee in to his cup and tasted the coffee prepared by husband and said" your coffee is having more sugar" Wife started feeling happy, but when professor tasted her coffee, he said" your coffee is having more milk". He said" No one is the winner”. He called both of them and mixed both coffees. Then he asked them to taste it. They were surprised. It was the best coffee. He said” if both of you stop competing and start co operating, you can achieve something big”. They realized their mistake and thanked the professor.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I closed my studio because...

Photography is my hobby and so, I wanted to make some money out of it. I opened a small photo studio. I equipped my studio with one colour printer, one monochrome laser printer and a laminating machine. As usual, I arranged back ground curtains and halogen lamps for taking photographs.   I was delighted to take photos and print it then and there itself, which attracted the people. I even broke the routine of using colour printer for printing only pass port, as I use to print even A4 size copies in that one. I also started using laser printer as a copier, even though I was not getting any profit in that process! Then the problems started.  
 1] Laser printer: Two students came at 10.30 Pm and wanted me to copy a 500 page notes. I agreed, but they then told that they wanted it for the next day at 8Am! I started taking copies and at 11.30 Pm, my back bone started taking in its own language! I stopped at that, but early next morning at 6.30 Am, I started and somehow completed it at 8Am. I suffered with back pain and was unable to go to my work. After that, I stopped taking bulk order. As I realized that the refilled cartridge started giving low quality prints and original cartridges was making me to incur losses.
2]Lamination machine   
2] Lamination machine: A girl came with a strange art. She has made it using colour ball pens. She wanted me to get it laminated. During the process of lamination, she told me that she was going to display it in an exhibition. But suddenly, power failed and my UPS was unable to support that machine. The machine stopped when the lamination was half way through. I was unable to pull it out, as it was locked in that position. The art work bunt out! By looking at tears in her eyes, with sorrow in my heart, I was only able to utter the famous English word ’sorry’. She controlled herself and said” uncle, I can redo it with difficulty, but what will you do if it happens to a marks card?” Then I remembered   all the marks cards that I had already laminated and thanked God! I almost stopped lamination, as it was very difficult to clean the plastic sheet and burnt art work, clinging to the rollers.   
3] Colour printer: It was the only thing that was working successfully then. One night, some auto drivers came and forced me to print a fake Driving license. The wanted me to put one of the driver’s photo on another driver’s license and print! I refused but they started quarreling to an extent that one of the drivers wanted to hit me! But other drivers controlled him by saying” he is not the only man having colour printer, let us go to some other shop”. They vanished but my sad memory made me to think of closing down the studio.   Next day, I saw the preparation of opening a big photo studio, a few yards away from mine. So, I went and told him about my condition. I sold all of my equipment, except my pet camera, to him at a throw away price, and closed my studio.   Now I am happily conducting free photography classes for beginners!